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How To Lose Your Stress and 10X Your Peace In 2021!

"The 123 Meditation Club" 

What is the 123 Meditation Club?

From: Joy Reynolds and Kevin McNamara...
To: Inner Peace Seekers and Dream Chasers!
Dear Friend,

If you are reading this then you know that meditation is the fastest way to find inner peace and clarity and clear your mind of fear, anxiety and stress.

The 123 Meditation Club is a haven for less stress and more peace. It is a group of like minded individuals all working together to elevate their spiritual practice to the next level. 

You have access to our meditation sessions 5 times per week, We do Masterclass's, Q&A's and you have exclusive access to our Private Facebook Group. 
PLUS AS A BONUS! You receive our 123 Meditation Course absolutely FREE! Plus other bonuses worth $835!

Who Are Joy And Kev?

Joy's Story

22 years ago, I was in the depths of a depression, after the breakdown of my marriage and finding myself as a single parent, suddenly feeling that my life was over. 

This event in my life really affected my self esteem along with my emotional state. It was like I was living in a dark, angry, painful world. I would only way to communicate with with anger, blame and fear. 

This downward spiral blocked anything good coming into my world. I felt like a failure and could not see a way forward.

I was introduced to meditation by a colleague to help my daughter who was going through some extreme difficulties in her life. 

I had always thought that meditation was for hippies with long hair and beads! I was so wrong!

I attended a session and instantly felt peace as I walked in the front door. It was like a wave of serenity and love surrounded me. I said to myself, this is what I have been looking for my whole life! 

This was my discovery of who I am. This was the beginning of my healing journey. This changed my entire life!

Kev's Story

In 1989 I lost my daughter, Holly, to SIDS. She was 5 months old. At the time I was a Police Officer in Melbourne. It hit me hard. I then went thru 2 divorces in only 6 years. I was lost, stressed, anxious, miserable, fearful and depressed. I had hit rock bottom and saw no real way out. No way to change my life.
I never lost hope but I did contemplate what life would be like without me in it. 

A friend asked if I had tried meditation and pointed me in the direction of a centre in the main street of where I was living. As soon as I walked in I was struck by the peace and calmness of everyone there.
That was my passport to the life I live now. Having said that in 2012 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Long story short I healed my prostate through a plant based diet and meditation.

Meditation has healed me and changed my entire life!

But First a Word of Warning:

This Club is NOT for everyone...

In fact, this meditation club is ONLY for 1 type of person:

Action Takers & Peace Seekers - people who are committed to their meditation practice, dedicated to really living their best life and getting into the arena and not sitting in the stands.

If that's not you, thats totally fine. We are all where we need to be at this moment in time and Joy and I wish you all the best. Please come back if your mindset changes.

However if you are an action taker and actively seeking that inner peace and clarity or are committed to become that person then... 

Here's What You Get As A Member!

Once You Join The 123 Meditation Club Here Is What You Get...

  • Daily meditations 5 days a week. Plus bonus LIVE meditations at various times. 
  • Once a month we host a LIVE Zoom Masterclass with a Q&A session where we all interact, chat, learn more about meditation and have fun!
  • ​Instant access to the private 123 Meditation Club Facebook Group where all the action happens. Here you can network, ask questions, get help, make connections, watch our meditations, meet like minded people and learn more about the benefits and effects meditation will have on your life. (YOU WILL WANT TO JOIN THE GROUP IMMEDIATELY!)
  • ​Instant access to all recordings and Masterclass's in our Private Facebook Group and your private membership!
  • ​We will also be constantly updating our membership area with video and audio meditations and other trainings.

Get Your 7 DAY FREE Trial + 60% Off Now!
Try it out for 7 days FREE and if you don't like it you can cancel!

Your Choice of 3 Payment Levels 

1. Pay Monthly only $97, $37 (60% Off!)
2. Pay 3 Monthly $90 (Save $21)
3. Pay Yearly $244 per year (Save $100!)
(Cancel anytime)

Hurry! This Offer WONT Last Forever!


Including our Signature Meditation Course!

Bonus # 1

The 123 Beginners Meditation Course! (Value $247)

The Meditation for the Soul Signature Course! 
This 13 Video Lesson (and counting!) Online Meditation Course is the flagship of Meditation for the Soul (Joy Reynolds and Kevin McNamara) and is suitable for everyone who wants to learn meditation, wherever they are on their meditation journey. We have grandkids as young as 4 doing meditations with us as well those elderly folk in retirement homes. 

Bonus # 2

The Art of Meditation Course! (Value $247)

The Art of Meditation Course
This 11 Video Training Course on how to make meditation work for you holds the keys to work out how meditation can work best for you so you can get into a state of peace and calm quickly and find the type of meditation that suits your lifestyle perfectly so you can quickly find your calm mode!

Bonus # 3

The Calm Course! (Value $197)

The Calm Course
This 10 Video Series Online Course - How To Keep and Remain Calm gives you the secret to Instantly return to your calm space at anytime which lets you relieve your stress and helps you relax and remain calm even in the most chaotic of times.

Bonus # 4

The Imagine Series! (Value $97)

The Imagine Series
This 8 Video Series will Help You Find Your True Self! It gives you the secrets to Look Within to find yourself. Learn to see yourself as you are truly meant to be and honour yourself as you are and not as who you think you are or what others want you to be.

Bonus # 5

The Heal Yourself Ebook! (Value $27)

The Heal Yourself Ebook
This ebook holds the keys for you to remove the negatives from your life which lets you open yourself up for the positive vibrations that are all around you to enter your universe and start the healing process and rid your body and mind of toxicity and find a new positive lease on life .

Here’s A Recap Of
as a BONUS When You Become a Member of  The 123 Meditation Club!
  •  123 Meditation Course ($247 Value)
  • The Art of Meditation Course ($247 Value)
  •  The Calm Mind Course ($197 Value)
  •  The Imagine Series ($97 Value)
  •  The Heal Yourself Ebook ($27 Value)
Total Value: $835.00
But today, you're getting all of this for FREE when you join the 123 Meditation Club...
For Only For $862 $37 a Month! are only one habit away from a new life...

Joy Reynolds and Kevin McNamara
PS - If you're a stressed person who want to find peace and clarity, then The 123 Meditation Club is the solution you've been looking for... let's get started today!
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Dynamically Updated

Here Is What To Do Next.

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Step 3: We'll send you your membership credentials (along with all the free bonuses you get - which you saw above)

That's it, it's really that simple!

So click the button below to join one of the highest level, yet most affordable meditation clubs in the world! One of the keys to our success is over delivering on our promises! See you on the inside...

PS...Time is of the Essence!

You won't be able to join this meditation club at this unheard of discount forever...

In fact, we KNOW the club membership is cheap even at $97 a month and it will be that price at some time in the future. Once you join at one of the 3 payment levels ($37 a month, $90 for 3 months or $244 for the year) you are locked in at that price and will never pay more! And you can cancel anytime!

So don't let this opportunity pass you by...

One of the characteristics of successful people is they take action with no hesitation...

And that's what I'm asking you to do now...

Click the button on this page to join 123 Meditation Club at our launch prices before you miss out!

What Others Are Saying!

Elias - Boston, USA
I first met Kev and Joy some years ago online. You look in the dictionary under 'Inspiration' and you will find a photo of these 2! So inspiring through words and actions. So relaxed, fun and easy going. This is such a 'cool but fun' group! 
Their meditations will take you to a whole new level.
Bree - Melbourne, Australia
Joy and Kev's meditation sessions are amazing! I have learnt so much. Such beautiful souls these two. I was lost and looking for the real me. I had to go deep inside but I was there! They helped me find me and that is a gift and a blessing! 
If you want to find inner peace and happiness with less stress, then look no further than right here!
Joanna - Sydney, Australia
For many years I have set an intention to develop a regular meditation practice, both as a discipline and as a means to ground myself in calm and clarity while juggling work and life stress. I have never achieved this - so many distractions, and stop / start meditation classes. Since meeting Kevin and Joy I have seamlessly slipped into a regular daily practice of meditation. If I miss my meditation I take time during the day to listen to one of the recordings. I enjoy the variety of alternating between Kevin and Joy - they both bring a great generosity of spirit and fun! In gratitude, Joanna 


What does it cost to join the Club? 

We offer a 7 Day FREE Trial and monthly subscriptions at $37 per month recurring, a 3 monthly subscription of $90 (Save $21) and a yearly subscription of $244. You save $100 on the yearly subscription. All in aussie dollars per month. You can cancel at anytime.

I have never meditated before. Is this Club for me?

Yes! We cater for the total beginner to the most experienced meditator and everyone in between. We have 5 year old kids and 90 year olds meditating in our groups. When you join you receive as a bonus our 123 Meditation Course for Beginners and our Complete Beginners Guide to Meditation ebook to get you started.

Can I leave at anytime?

Absolutely! There are no lock in contracts and you can cancel your membership at anytime,

What if I miss any meditations? Are they recorded?

Yes! All our live sessions are recorded including our masterclass Q&A's and anything else we do is recorded. You will never miss an event or session.

I live in Europe. Can I still join?

Yes. The Club is Open to anyone!

I am pretty shy, do I have to interact in the live calls?

Not at all. We do encourage people to share their experiences and interact but there is no obligation to do so. What we find is once someone joins the Club and gets to know a few people they are happy to start sharing, but again there is no obligation to whatsoever.
Remember you are only one habit away from a new life...

PS - If you're a stressed person who wants to find peace and clarity, then The 123 Meditation Club is the solution you've been looking for... let's get started today!
Joy Reynolds & Kevin McNamara
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